What is Twitter, a social network or a news media?

As a rise in social media has taken over Twitter is not an exception. The big question though is, “Is it truly a place were friends keep tabs on each other or a place were global rumors and news it spread”. The article goes over the intricate ways the authors analyzed this problem. ┬áThe results differed from other social networking sites. To sum it up there was not a positive correlation between number of re tweets and the number of followers the user had. Page rank also has much more to do with re tweets then number of followers. At the core I have to assume the end product is a site dedicated to the viral spreading of information. Most of the people that belong to this site could care less about the inner status of their followee’s. They just want to know when Justin Beiber gets in trouble. I have to wonder whether this trait is innate in humans or is just exacerbated by the ability to be a chameleon online.

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